Stoler's 2011 Captain America Halloween Costume!

What I Was Aiming For:

Chris Evans in the title role of "Captain America: The First Avenger".

There's something about Chris Evans's mouth that always looks wrong to me when he wears the helmet. Note the boots.
Note the boots in this one.

How the Costume Went Together -- for under $20
(That is, not counting the original cost of stuff Stoler already had.)

The Finished Product

Looking off towards destiny! What's Cap doing in our bedroom?
This picture, taken on Market St. in San Francisco (note the Occupy encampment in the background), ran in the monthly newsletter of Cole Hardware, after I told them I had used products bought there to make the costume. (p. 10)
Cap supported Occupy's exercise of their constitutional rights.

First showing of "The Avengers" at the UA Theater, Berkeley, May 2012
(Too bad Cap didn't wear the retro costume in this movie instead of the silly skintight job.)
No major changes to the costume, except to add the gun belt and more pouches.

See, these two should have had more chemistryy in the movie.

Some people actually LOOK like the characters they are playing, instead of just DRESSING like them.
(And no, we didn't deliberately line up the backgrounds.)

Doesn't that one guy look like Tom Cruise? Well, no, he didn't actually bring down any lightening.

Some people, not as much.

The helmet's good...

Captain America has groupies!

I think that there's a female Cap in the comics now. Of course, the real Cap only has eyes for Peggy Carter.

Captain America takes a stand at the concession stand, but makes no concessions!

I wish they could have had this at a different theatre. Something sweet, something salty, something wet?
Thanks to Beth and all the others who took these pictures!

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