Beth bought this for the holidays last year...isn't it awesome?

2016: The
DAH DAH, da da da DAH, da da DAH....
Stoler Writes and Records Song Parodies for Each Episode of Season 6

(Each one written, recorded, and made-into-a-video in one week!)

(The above link takes you to Stoler's YouTube page -- in the name of Soots and Arya -- where you can see all the songs. To see them individually, click on the links below.)

The sigil of House Stoler-Terry...

The Sigil of House Stoler-Terry, or House Terry-Stoler, or House Story, or House Terror...anyway, our motto is:
"If We Can Hold On..."

Is this getting old yet?

The obligatory spoon-on-nose shot...

Call this sword Longbeak?

Well, sword-on-nose would be more appropriate, but a bit difficult, even with a nose like Stoler's...

Valyrian brass?

But the dagger works! Really, see, no tricks or it is from the side! Let's see Jon Snow do that!

No, gold! Yeah, that's it!

(By the way, Stoler just happened to be able to get away without shaving for a while around when these pictures were taken, though it does seem appropriately Thronish.)

Stoler and Beth at Beth's nephew Aaron's wedding, Orem, Utah, September 2016

Beth and Stoler at the "Blue Wedding", Orem, Utah, September 2016

Who are Stoler's favorite people on GoT?

She's not impressed.

Missandei, because she speaks like 40 languages....

You have overdue fines, so we'll have to kill you.

The librarian at the Citadel, no explanation needed...

Inspired by The Name of the Rose, I think.

Bring me TWO chickens.

And Sandor Clegane, the Hound, because HE'S SO FRIGGIN' COOL!

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