Beth bought this for the holidays last year...isn't it awesome?

2017: The SECOND YEAR of the
Stoler Writes and Records Song Parodies for Each Episode of Season 7

(The above link takes you to Stoler's YouTube page -- in the name of Soots and Arya -- where you can see all the songs. To see them individually, click on the links below.)

The sigil of House Stoler-Terry...

The Sigil of House Stoler-Terry, or House Terry-Stoler, or House Story, or House Terror...anyway, our motto is:
"Whatever You Can Get Away With"

Fisheye effect on my phone camera?

Eight months since I shaved....but look at all the grey!

Someone was giving away this kit...

An appropriately Throney model of a siege tower...

Can we eat it? No? Then forget it.

...and the cats were not impressed.

Stoler and Beth at Beth's nephew Aaron's wedding, Orem, Utah, September 2016

Beth and Stoler at the "Blue Wedding", Orem, Utah, September 2016

What are Stoler's all-time favorite scenes from GoT?

For some reason, I thought he was more emphatic in this scene, but it's still great.

Bring me TWO chickens.

OK, this is borrowed straight from a spaghetti Western, but I *love* spaghetti Westerns...(oh, and I couldn't find an embeddable version of the video, so you'll have to click on the picture and go to the page.)

And I love the quiet, regretful way Tyrion speaks in this. Reminds me a bit of the very end of this.

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