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Sootsie occupies the Throne of Irons! (Though his sister Arya lurks as the power behind the throne.) Embiggen

2019: The THIRD and FINAL YEAR of the
DAH DAH, da da da DAH, da da DAH....
Stoler Writes and Records Song Parodies for Each Episode of Season 8

(Each one written, recorded, and made-into-a-video in one week!)

The above link takes you to Stoler's YouTube page -- in the name of Soots and Arya -- where you can see all the songs. To see them individually, click on the links below.)

The sigil of House Stoler-Terry...

The Sigil of House Stoler-Terry, or House Terry-Stoler, or House Story, or House Terror...anyway, our motto is:
"If We Can Hold On..."

the usual, with, of course, a bit less hair than the last one Cafe Colucci, Berkeley, January 2019

Elizabeth Plastic-Free of House Terrygaryen, First of Her Name, Keeper of Books and Mother of Kitties, and her Consort Stoler, who knows nothing

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