Stoler's Revolutionary Costume - 2002-2004

Many, even most, people who saw the costume, would say, "Hey, George Washington!" But the uniform Washington wore was blue with buff -- yellowish tan -- trim, not red. Stoler was going more for naval hero John Paul Jones (not to be confused with the member of Led Zeppelin.)

Stoler gave the model to the attorney he had worked for, who was nautically inclined.

Who would have sailed on a ship like this. Well, this is a model Stoler built of the USCG Eagle, a modern tall ship.

(The costume, unfortunately, was lost in 2007, and is much lamented.)

(For the other side, click here.)

I have not yet begun to fight!

In costume in BART, on the way to July 4th celebrations in Half Moon Bay, and at the festivities.

But awesome view of the fireworks, which are often obscured by fog.

On a fireworks cruise on the Bay. It was a little cold.

At Walgreen's

Wait, what day is the 4th of July again?

Would Jones have worn boots?

In 2004, he wore boots instead of stockings...

Jack London wrote some cool books, but I think he was a big racist, too. the fireworks at Jack London Square in Oakland.

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