The Opening Night of "Watchmen", 3/9/2009

At the Kabuki Theatre in San Francisco, just FTR (which means "for the record" -- is anyone else using that abbreviation?)

What happened to the American dream? You're looking at it.

So this is Stoler as Nite Owl II, just showing off his cloak, with Adam Tullman, Esq., as the Comedian, (but Stoler made his costume.) WE WERE TRYING TO MATCH THE COMIC, NOT THE MOVIE (because we hadn't seen the movie yet!)


Stoler and Adam, with Josh Rasmussen as Rorschach. Try not to look at that big hoodie thing above Stoler's didn't work out so well.

From the side, Stoler does have a beaky nose.
So here's a better version of the hood, but since Stoler didn't wear it in public, it doesn't really count.

Are these goggles owly, or too buggy?
And are these goggles more like Dan Dreiberg's?

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